Manufacturing Policies

At Amex Fishing Limited, we are aware that sound environmental management practices are essential in maintaining a successful, integrated seafood products enterprise. This awareness is accompanied by the recognition that:
  • The environment (land, water, air) is shared by all the people and serves a multitude of uses, from a wildlife habitat, to a source of industrial raw materials.
  • Resources must be used efficiently through the minimisation of waste and the production of high quality products.
  • We are the stewards of all resources and habitats which we utilise including land, wildlife, air, water, aquatic and human habitats. These resources must be managed responsibly to protect the interests of all users

We will maintain compliance with environmental regulations by implementation of the following:
  • Amex Fishing Limited, it’s Executives, Officers and Employees, will carry out all operations of the Company in a manner that complies with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the environment. If or where non-compliance is detected, programs and procedures will be instituted to bring the Company within compliance.
  • All Senior Operating Management shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the policy including the establishment of the programs and reporting requirements throughout their organisation.
  • Amex Fishing Limited will develop, maintain and implement policies, procedures and management systems to monitor its operations with a view to protecting the environment and ensuring future sustainable development.
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